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Virtual Strongbox is a FREE* online ‘safe deposit box’ that members can access through It’s Me 247 Online Banking through the ‘My Documents’ tab.  Virtual Strongbox provides the peace-of-mind of a safe deposit box with the convenience of online access.  Enjoy the security and convenience of Virtual Strong Box to store, organize and share copies of your most important documents safely and securely.

*Members receive 10 MB free, see below for upgrade options.

Virtual Strongbox provides:


Convenience – upload, sort and manage your important digital documents

Simplicity – easy upload and organization documents in a way that makes sense to you

Flexibility – as long as you have access to the internet, your documents are close by

Security – back up documents in a place that keeps your personal information safe

Easy Access – Available within IT’s Me 247 Online Banking under the ‘My Documents’ tab

Reliability – no matter what’s happening, feel confident that your documents are safe

Items to store in your Virtual StrongBox


Be prepared.  Your family counts on you to be ready for whatever comes your way.  Use Virtual Strongbox to keep your important documents at your figure tips.


Identification: Drivers License, Passports, Birth Certificates

Legal: Deeds, Vehicle Titles, Last Will, Trust Documents, Power of Attorney, Marriage License, Divorce Decree

Insurance: Home, Auto & Life Insurance Policies

Finances: Statements, Investments, Financial Plans, Budgets

Taxes:  Documents to share with your accountant, Tax returns, Property tax statements

Business:  Contracts, Patents, Business paperwork

How safe is Virtual Strongbox?


Security is our highest priority, know that only YOU have access to see your documents.  We cannot see what you have placed in your online deposit box, that’s the only way we can promise total information security.


How much does Virtual Strongbox cost?


With Virtual Strongbox, all members get 10 MB for FREE and have the option to purchase additional storage.  While 10 MB doesn’t sound like a lot, you can store roughly 400 to 500 PDF pages.  To maximize your storage upload PDF files in black and white, without a lot of pictures.  JPEG files take up large amounts of storage.


10 MB     FREE
50 MB     $5.95 annually
100 MB   $8.95 annually
250 MB   $14.95 annually
500 MB   $23.95 annually
1 GB       $36.95 annually
2 GB       $69.95 annually
5 GB       $110.00 annually
10GB      $150.00 annually