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Credit Cards

PCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card

*This is the lowest percentage rate available; your APR may be higher depending on your credit score and credit history.

Preferred Rewards

Use your PCU Platinum Visa® Credit Card for all your purchases big and small. Earn 1 rewards point for every $1 spent.

Enjoy these great features

  • An extensive rewards catalog with popular brands, top merchants, event tickets and more
  • Convenient online travel reservations
  • ShopSPOT card-linked bonus point offers
  • ShopSPOT online bonus point offers
  • And much more

Visa Balance Transfer

LESS IS MORE! Consolidate your high interest credit cards to our Platinum Visa Credit Card for one low monthly payment. Plus NO Balance Transfer Fee! Consolidating can reduce your payments and increase cash flow which is why Less Truly Is More!

Apply for a Balance Transfer or call 1-800-328-4131 for more information.

Reporting Cards Lost or Stolen 
To report your Visa Credit Card or Debit Card as lost or stolen call 1-800-328-4131.

Reporting Fraudulent Activity
To dispute a change made to your Visa Credit Card or Debit Card call 1-800-328-4131.