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Fee guide

Fees Applicable to all accounts for PCU Members as of July 1, 2013

Verified 3-11-2021


Dormant Account (no account activity for 24 months) $15.00/month
Excessive withdrawal fee-more than 6 per month share/share draft, including ATM (free if you maintain $200 in regular shares) $3.00/item
Phone Transfer $2.00/each
Deposit item returned $30.00/item
Account research (per hour) $20.00/hour
Courtesy Pay $30.00/item
Deposit transfer-overdraft $5.00/overdraft
Stop payment order-personal/corporate $30.00/order
Check copy (Free online) $5.00/copy
ACH origination-return $30.00
Check printing “Price May Vary”
Non-Sufficient Fund items $30.00/item
Temporary Share Drafts $5.00/12


 Check cashing fee $3.00
Check cashing free with $200 maintained in regular shares or active share draft account.  


ATM, New orders FREE
Debit Card, First Order FREE
ATM Overdraft $30.00
ATM/Debit Card Replacements $5.00
ATM/Debit pin reorders $5.00
ATM/Debit Card and PIN replacement $10.00


Account Closed in less than 90 days $25.00
Account Closed and reopened $10.00
Christmas Club early withdrawal fee $10.00
Reconciliation (account balancing) FREE
Statement photocopies or history $1.00/page
Address correction by post office/Bad Address (monthly) $2.00
Credit Union Membership (one time fee at acct opening) $1.00
On-Demand Deposits $10.00
Money Orders $1.00/each
Check Mail out FREE
Bill Pay-inactive users $2.00
Intra bank, credit union wire-domestic $15.00
Intra bank, credit union wire-international $30.00
Official/Cashiers check


Loan Extension fee $35.00
Notary Service ($2 for non-members) FREE
Family Service Center Usage FREE
Fax Service (no long distance) $1.00/page
Copy Service .25/page
Certified Mailing Fee $10.00
Returned item-Closed account $30.00/item
Garnishment/levy/subpoena/court action $50.00/item
Legal Processing $75.00
Third Party Collection fee $20.00+1.00/page after 20
IRA Transfer/Rollover fee $20.00
IRA Withdraw fee (IRA savings, CD penalty may apply) FREE
Escheatment fee $50.00
Mortgage payoff request fee $15.00
Account Verification fee (by another financial institution) $10.00
Expedited phone credit card payment 3% of payment made, no less than $15.00
Visa Gift Card or Reloadable Debit Card $5.95