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Fee Schedule

Fee Guide

Fees Applicable to All Accounts for PCU Members (Verified 01/01/2022)



Deposit Item Return Fee$30.00/item
Excessive Withdrawal Fee*$3.00/item
Non-Sufficient Funds Fee$30.00/item
Stop Payment Fee$30.00/order


Check Copy (free online)$5.00/item
Courtesy Pay Fee$30.00/item
Overdraft Transfer Fee$5.00/transfer
Temporary Checks$5.00/12 checks
Premier Interest Checking (no fee with $1,500 daily balance)$10.00/Month
Business Interest Checking (no fee with $5,000 daily balance)$10.00/Month
Fresh Start Checking$10.00/Month


Monthly Transaction Items (1,000 free per month)$0.15/item
Currency Deposited Per Month ($10,000 free per month)$0.50/$1,000


Plastic Card Replacement Fee$5.00/card
Plastic Card Rush Fee$35.00/order
Plastic PIN Reorder Fee$5.00/order
Visa Gift Card or Reloadable Debit Card$5.95/card


Bill PayFREE
Check Cashing Fee (free with $200 in savings or an active checking)$3.00/check
Expedited Payment Fee (3% of payment made, minimum of $15.00)$15.00 minimum
Phone Transfer Fee$2.00/Transfer
Statement or Account Printout Fee$1.00/page
On-Demand Deposits$10.00/deposit
Money Order$1.00/item
Official/Cashiers Check$3.00/check
Outgoing Wire Transfer Fee$15.00 domestic / $50.00 international


Account Research Fee$20.00/hour
Account Verification Fee$10.00
Bad Address Fee$2.00/month
Certified Mailing Fee$10
Christmas Club Early Withdrawal Fee$10.00/withdrawal
Copy Service$0.25/page
Credit Union Membership Fee (one-time fee at acct opening)$1.00
Dormant Account Fee (24 months with no activity)$15.00/month
Escheatment Fee$50.00
Fax Service (restrictions apply – same area code only)$1.00/page
IRA Transfer/Rollover Fee$20.00
Legal Processing Fee$75.00
Loan Extension Fee$35.00/extension
Membership Closed in Less Than 90 Days Fee$25.00
Membership Re-opening Fee$10.00
Mortgage Payoff Fee$15.00
Third Party Collections Fees$20.00
*Excessive Withdrawal Fee: $3.00 per qualifying transaction on either a savings or checking account during a calendar month. Six free transactions per month. Qualifying transactions are cash withdrawals: via ATM or in a branch with a teller (includes Shared Branching locations). Members can avoid the Excessive Withdrawal Fee by maintaining a combined savings daily balance of $200 (Primary Savings, Other Share Savings, Preferred Money, Vacation Club, Christmas Club, CDs and IRAs).