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Have your check automatically deposited into your savings or checking account.  To set up Direct Deposit you typically need your routing number, account number and type of account.  We’ve made it simple.  Just complete the Direct Deposit form and give to your employer’s payroll representative.
Routing number: 272480694

Account number:  Please use your account number directly followed by the 3-digit suffix you would like your funds to be deposited in (no spaces or dashes).

Common 3-digit account suffixes:

  • 000 Savings
  • 010 FREE Checking
  • 015 Fresh Start Checking
  • 021 Preferred Money Savings
  • 105 Christmas Club
  • 103 Vacation Club

If you are unsure of your account number or suffix, you can verify them via It’s Me 247 online banking, your monthly statement or call 1-800-328-4131.

Direct deposit of your federal benefit payments

To sign up for direct deposit of your federal benefit payments such as Social Security, SSI or VA Compensation and Pension Payment:

  • Go to the U.S. Department of Treasury website:
  • Enroll by phone by calling the U.S. Department of Treasury at 1-800-333-1795